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Organizacje sieciowe jako nośniki innowacyjnego...

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Network Organizations as Carriers of Innovative Development of the Economy

The monograph presents the issues of managing network organizations in both theoretical and practical terms. In six chapters the reader was presented with many years of research by its authors on virtual and network organizations, as well as issues closely related to the functioning of such structures, such as: the concept and analysis of the functioning of network organizations; basic construction models with particular emphasis on networks and nodes; the issues of management innovation were discussed; the conditions for knowledge flow in the context of network systems were assessed; communication in traditional and network structures; complicated problem of starting cooperation; the ICT infrastructure was discussed as the basis for all changes of interest to the authors of the monograph.

The project management process was also presented on the example of a real large research and development project SYNAT, which was implemented within the network structure. The publication, compared to other existing works, is distinguished by a comprehensive analysis of the issues of network organization management, research on the role of a network organization as a carrier of innovation and presentation of unique research on the effects and barriers of this type of organization.


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