Prospects and Challenges to the Development of Businesses in the World Economy
Prospects and Challenges to the Development of Businesses in the World Economy

Prospects and Challenges to the Development of Businesses in the World Economy

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Data wydania: 2021
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Opis produktu

The monograph presents the results of research conducted in Poland and Greece. The originality of the monograph is also evidenced by its interdisciplinarity - it combines issues related to the enterprise sector and financial institutions, indicating opportunities for and threats to their development.
The book consists of three main parts divided into thirteen chapters.
The first part of the book is titled The macroeconomic factors of businesses development and analyses the conditions for implementing a capital market union in the light of the realities of the external environment and the European Union itself, the importance of gold as a safe haven asset in the international monetary system and in last part of this chapter was compare two taxes which affect corporations, especially financial institutions.
The second part of the book is titled The development of financial institutions and examines the relationship between economic growth and internet infrastructure in selected countries, the impact of an extreme dividend policy on prospects of Greek bank development, changes in the NPL (Non-Performing Loans) ratio of non-financial corporations and its main determinants in the Polish banking sector, the relationship between shares in the insurance market and the financial results of insurance companies, and the issues of appropriate selection and use of information in the decision-making process of insurance companies.
The third part of the book is titled The development of enterprises and presents the impact of business activities (sector) on the enterprise competing, the measures of the orchestrator's ability to create value added meeting the requirements of an aggregated long-term assessment of GBN (Global Business Networks) competitiveness, benefits from the use of integrated IT systems in enterprises, the key factors of start-up success and failure in Poland, and the new forms of accommodation chosen by travellers in recent years, with the main point of reference being the case of Airbnb.
This monograph may be of considerable interest to scholars and business practitioners concerned with the problems of development of financial institutions and enterprises.


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