Law and legal cultures in the 21st Century
Law and legal cultures in the 21st Century

Law and legal cultures in the 21st Century

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Data wydania: 2007
Język: angielski
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Wydawnictwo: Wolters Kluwer Polska
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Opis produktu

This book is a collection of plenary lectures to be delivered at the 23rd IVR World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy in Krakow (Poland) 1 - 6 August 2007. Most of these lectures are devoted to various aspects of the central theme of the Congress (which is: Law and Legal Cultures in the 21st Century: Diversity and Unity), yet some of them concern other crucial problems of legal theory and social philosophy. The lectures have been arranged in the order in which they are presented at the Congress (Susan Haack and Krzysztof Motyka were prevented from delivering the manuscripts of their lectures; the book, however, contains an abstract of Susan Haack's lecture). Last but not least, the book does not open with a lecture but with Aulius Aarnio's speech commemorating the late professor Alexander Peczenik - one of the most eminent legal philosophers of the 20th century and the President of the IVR. Let this book be dedicated to the memory of this great scholar and great man.

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