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Blood Oath

Kod produktu: 9780340998144
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'There are worse things in this world than al-Qaeda and North Korea, Zach. And they are just waiting for their chance at us.' Sharp and ambitious, Zach Barrows is on his way up. But when he gets a call from the White House, it's not quite the promotion he expected. Zach is to be the new political liaison officer to America's best kept secret: Nathaniel Cade. The President's vampire. And Cade is the world's only hope against a horrifying new terrorist threat advancing from the Middle East. The fight is deadlier than ever, and time is running out ... 'If Dan Brown wrote a vampire thriller, this would be it' -- Mitch Horowitz 'Anyone worried that the vampire novel is stuck in a soppy Twilight rut will be relieved by screenwriter Farnsworth's hilariously over-conceived debut. The set-up alone is a joy ... Cade is a wonderful creation -- all the more satisfying for being not the usual fey aristocrat but a brutal and often charmless "apex predator". Slick, fast-moving fun for the beach.' -- Guardian 'Terrific ... Written with enormous gusto and flair, Cade seems destined to become a hero the world will find hard to forget' -- Daily Mail 'BLOOD OATH is exactly how I like my Presidential thrillers. With vampires.' -- Brad Meltzer 'Witty, exciting, and compulsively readable, with a central character who seems destined to become a favourite of both sceptics and true blood believers, this may just be the best debut vampire novel in many years.' -- John Connolly 'A political-thriller concept with bite' -- LA Times 'A super cool read ... Blood Oath is fascinating and entertaining, and adds new blood to the current vampire craze' -- 'An irresistible page-turner that makes one realize that, no matter how tough the War on Terror may be, at least it's not the War on Horror ... unnervingly realistic ... dazzlingly clever ... And as an added bonus, readers finally learn the truth behind the failed assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan and that mysterious 18 1/2 -minute gap in the Watergate tapes.' -- Washington Post 'Farnsworth has written a rollicking Washington thriller about this "Drac Bauer" -- Nathaniel Cade' -- New York Post (Required Reading) 'Reminded me of reading a great Robert Ludlum spy thriller, but with supernatural elements thrown in ... fantasy, mystery and thriller fans alike will love this one' -- The Vampire Librarian '24 meets Jonathan Maberry's Joe Ledger novels meets Fringe meets Blade ... addictively fun and entertaining' -- Fantasy Book Critic 'Do you ever get a giddy feeling when you know you have come across something that is truly great? That is how I felt after reading BLOOD OATH by Christopher Farnsworth' -- Fiction Finder 'This book was impossible to put down, and I devoured it in a weekend' -- Blog Critics 'Combines action, suspense, mystery, and horror ... a page turner from the very beginning ... Highly recommended' -- Monster Librarian 'Given the popularity of vampires, it is not surprising that they are appearing more frequently in crime and thriller titles, either as detectives or villains. The latest is Christopher Farnsworth's fast-moving thriller Blood Oath, which features vampire Nathaniel Cade, a Secret Service agent sworn to protect the American president from supernatural threats. Great fun...the characters are sufficiently well developed to ground the storyline. A good dose of humour also helps to move the story along.' -- Canberra Times 'Absolutely first-class entertainment ... edge of the seat stuff, and terrific fun' -- Books Monthly 'Surprising and engrossing ... Pulp fiction at its very best' -- 'An entertaining debut novel ... a refreshing change' -- 'A brilliant central idea' -- 'A darn sight better than any other contemporary thrillers you might find on the airport shelves, or dare I say it, any vampire romance you might care to suggest. Dracula meets West Wing (or even 24) - what is there not to like?' -- 'Tense, fast-moving, with amusing uses of improvised weapons ... a rattling good read' -- 'A fun, thrilling, fast-paced, topsy-turvy ride that kept me hooked from beginning to end ... one of those books that I enjoyed far more than I expected to' --


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